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ProRaceSupply LLC

Motorsports ecommerce

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Connecting motorsports businesses together.

Motorsports manufacturers, distributors, and dealers are increasingly challenged to build new sustainable revenue and capture additional market share. The complex interaction between these business and their up and downstream partners means that managing those growth efforts has become difficult and costly.   Manufacturers must ensure distributor support; distributors must offer dealer sales tools and provide information quickly, and dealers must have new products and information on the market quickly and accurately.   If these businesses do not coordinate their plans with their partners, success becomes a greater challenge and the efforts may even be counterproductive.

ProRaceSupply provides a completely integrated solution to create and build new business while helping coordinate and grow the business of your partners.

This portfolio of business applications provides solutions to key challenges:

  1. How do manufacturer/distributors capture the consumer sale at the point of contact without undercutting their dealer network?
  2. How do manufacturers reward stocking dealer/distributors while reducing the reliance on drop-ship programs?
  3. How you gain increased exposure to new products while assisting dealer/distributors to present the latest product information and imagery?

ProRaceSupply provides solutions that:

  • Captures consumer sales at the point of contact while not undercutting dealer/distributors.
  • Increases direct cash-flow to the manufacturer.
  • Provides an additional revenue stream for dealers.  Rewards stocking dealers
  • Instantly communicates and updated product information to consumers and dealers.
  • Provides turn-key ecommerce businesses for dealers of large distributors
  • Cuts the time, cost, and risk associated with marketing coordination and integration.

The PRS solution is an online service.  There is no hardware or technology to manage. ProRaceSupply LLC combines scalable centralized ecommerce with a simple iuser interface and a powerful order exchange that has manufacturers, distributors, and dealers connected to their customers within a few weeks.   ProRaceSupply builds new business.




Sales Dept,
ProRaceSupply LLC

ProRaceSupply LLC announces launch of AlconKits.com ecommerce site

PRS is happy to announce the go-live of Alconkits.com - Alcon Big Brake Kits on the PRS Consumer Connect platform.  AlconKits was developed for MotoDelta Motorsports and AlconUSA to represent the entire line of Alcon Advantage Extreme performance brake kits.  It is the most extensive and comprehensive website available for purchase of the kits and all service parts offered from AlconUSA.


ABOUT PRS -  ProRaceSupply LLC is a 'Software Service Provider' that helps manufacturers and distributors in the motorsports industry create and maintain competitive advantage.  PRS provides leading edge ecommerce technology  with efficient dealer sales tools and additional revenue opportunities.   PRS offers a portfolio of software services supporting dealer communication and ordering, consumer and dealer promotion management, and quality assurance of your product presentations..- END -